Different forms of theater and drama—classical stage theater, musicals, shows, or improvisation theater—have quite a lot in common with Live Action Role Play (LARP).

The costumes used for both are often carefully handcrafted, employing traditional means of manufacturing, making them rather expensive and valuable (especially in a sentimental sense). In contrast to LARPing, in which close contact between unfamiliar actors is rather common (due to combat and other encounters between characters, for instance), in stage theater—due to the distance between audience and actor—many of the costumes’ details are not discernible, and are thus lost on the spectators.

Providing enough costumes for larger groups of performers, however, especially for musicals, equestrian shows or knights’ tournaments, can quickly incur considerably expense, because costumes require frequent replacement due to wear and tear caused by stunts, combat with blood effects, and fireworks.

Cost reduction and focus on inventive details

Hence, principles of cost-saving and economy have to be incorporated into the fundamental organization of any stage or show production, so that enough space will remain for the artistic elaboration that breathes life and soul into the project. Here is a perfect opportunity for textile manufacturing and handcrafts to complement each other. The time and resources not devoted to elaborately handcrafting simple, basic costumes can be channeled into individualizing and adorning industrially manufactured costume pieces, creating imaginative designs—even on a very low budget.

Burgschneider’s costumes on your stage!

We at Burgschneider offer custom solutions to theater troupes, show groups, carnies, and musical productions. For further information, please see []. Our options range from discount codes for purchases from our existing selection to customizing individual color preferences and design adaptations, all the way up to designing an entirely new collection uniquely tailored to your purposes. For instance, for the world’s biggest Live Action Role Play event—the Conquest of Mythodea—we collaborated with the organizing team to design a completely new set of costumes, providing an army of about 200 extras with costumes possessing a coherent look and style.

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