Viking and germanic clothes

Viking clothes, germanic clothes, early medieval

as you can see on the picture and our collection we like the vikings and the Germanic clothes very much all in all we are very pleased with the early medieval reenactment. Not only the representation options of this epoch match with our esthetic style it also shows a love of nature in this time and this reflects in the clothing of the northern and southern germanic tribes so it was Tacitus a roman writer ho says all non Celtic tribes are Germanic

some of these northern Germanic tribes had a really profitable and also a bloody hobby they were doing viking that means in a northern language as much as war travel to far away coasts. That word became the description viking. So viking is more likely a job than a culture

the Viking and the Germanic clothing needed to defy the hard weather conditions in the north because of that it was most often that one would worn several layers of clothing. So its typical for Vikings or germanic people to ware woolen clave wraps over a woolen thorsbergpants with a viking tunic over a viking undertunic

similar to that looks the women clothing. there ware anklelong underdresses and over that normal dresses out of wool.