Medieval Buyer's Guide

Viking Age Clothing

793 - 1200 CE

The Viking Age refers to the period of time between the late 8th AD and 11th Centuries AD in the region of Northern Europe. It is a period of history in which Scandinavians began their expansion and dominance of the regional through Trade, Exploraion and Trading. Viking, a verb from the Old Norse word Vikingr is used to describe those who traveled throughout Northern Europe raiding and conquering.
The Viking Age is most often recognized to have begun in June of 783 when VIkings destroyed the abbey on Lindesfarne. Burgschneider explores this period of history with several garments for both men and women. Through the Medieval Buyer’s Guide you can learn about these garments, their history, and how to design and implement your own Viking Age clothing!

Timeline of Viking Age Clothing

Some of the most iconic Viking clothing has a less than clear past. Explore the history of Viking Age clothing, their origins and how Burgschneider clothing has brought them to life in the Interactive Timeline tool.

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