The Burgschneider Challenge

Let's get started!

Burgschneider Challenge is a promotional community project designed to celebrate the creativity of our costumers. To do this, we select a series of garments to be sold at a heavy discount up to 40%. Participants then customize and create using these garments as a base. Once complete, we ask participants to share their creations with the broader community by posting to either the Burgschneider Challenge Facebook group, or Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok using the hashtag #BurgschneiderChallenge. At the end of each season our Team selects our favorites to receive a Gift Voucher of up to $100. So, how do you join in?

Step 1: Join the Challenge

The first step in taking part in the Challenge is to sign up by using the link included below. Once you have confirmed your e-mail address you will receive a Welcome Email that contains all the important information! Pick one garment, or one of each, up to a maximum of five pieces, it's up to you! Please be aware that each Challenge's discount is only valid once per customer. For each new Challenge we'll email you the updated garment list.

Picking our Favorites: Team Selections

From complete beginners to advanced artisans, everyone is welcome! Our team's selection process takes into consideration the skill level and experience of the creator, allowing even new artists a chance in the spotlight. At the end of each season we'll select three of our favorites. The first place will receive a $100 Gift Voucher, the second a $75 Gift Voucher, and the third a $25 Gift Voucher. These vouchers will not be limited to the most advanced and complex creations, but will instead focus on the overall execution of the modifications based on the context provided by the creator. In the end, the passion and enjoyment had during the process will tell us more than anything.

Season 5 Challenge: September 23rd, 2022 to March 17th, 2023!

Season 5 Challenge runs from September 23rd, 2022 to March 17th, 2023! This means you have four months to complete your customizations and share your creation. We highly encourage you to share your creative process with us, so we can share it with the community. This Challenge's garments are all 30% off! Season 5 Challenge runs from September 23rd, 2022 to March 17th, 2023!

Click here to Join the Burgschneider Challenge Now!

Click here to Join the Burgschneider Challenge Now