The classic adventuring party known from pen-and-paper role-playing games usually consists of a warrior, a mage, a healer, a ranger, and sometimes a priest, a bard or a rogue—heroes who can either be humans or members of fantasy cultures, such as elves or dwarves, in order to round out the party and ensure its fantasy flair.

A classic adventure usually entails a number of tasks (quests), such as vanquishing the villain, plundering a dragon’s hoard, descrying a treasure, or finding a powerful artifact needed to save the world. In the course of completing these quests, the adventurers will have to overcome a variety of obstacles and dangers; they will form friendships, and on the way they will eventually rise to fame. The path to glory usually leads the heroes over mountainous ridges, deep ravines, musty catacombs, and gloomy forests.

The strength of the many—adventuring is teamwork!

Together, the adventuring party battles all kinds of adversities that put their vigor and their solidarity to a pitiless test. In the end, the heroes will usually emerge victorious from the struggle against their adversaries—not least because an adventuring party pools the strengths of a team of specialists. Every member of the team has strengths and weaknesses and takes on a commensurate task—but only through collaboration with their fellow adventurers can the group grow into an efficient unit. Only teamwork and loyal friendship will allow the heroes to finally defeat the superior evil wizard and his army of forcefully subdued minions.

Become a legend—embark on your own adventure!

Hardly anything is more worthwhile for any adventurer than travelling with friends, resting at a campfire, and bathing in glory after completing a quest, while listening to the songs about their own heroic deeds.

Adventures are an exhilarating experience, and thanks to countless pen-and-paper role-playing games, MMORPGs, and LARPs, there is something for everyone. Adventure games allow you to unleash your creativity, discover your own strengths, and hone your skills, in order to make that one crucial contribution to the expedition’s success and the party’s fame. Every adventurer is an important part of the team and maybe, one day, will be able to deploy their unique skills to save the entire party from certain perish.

After successfully finishing a quest, every member of the group will have become a hero—each in their own way. The heroes gather at the campfire or in the tavern and tell their friends and families of their adventures, bards write songs about their valor, and these stories will spread throughout the world, to be forever remembered...while the heroes have already embarked on their next journey. And who knows? Maybe they’ll meet you on the way and ask you to join them!

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