Create the Look: Noble Female Warrior

Female warriors have always been beloved characters in history and fantasy, portrayed with a plethora of facets. For this project, Sophie Pusch of “Finarfel Tawarandís - Fanciful Costume Art” meticulously transformed a set of Burgschneider’s Viking garments into an outfit for a noble female warrior. With her creative mind, Sophie impressively proves how versatile historically based garments can be - even for fantasy costume-making. Patient handcrafting and great attention to detail show a huge effect on the final garment.

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What was changed?

Burgschneider provided me with a foundation consisting of an A-shaped woolen coat, a heavy linen tunic, a light undertunic, leg wrappers, and heavy woolen trousers—all in a Nordic style. Every single piece is quite lovely, and their colors match perfectly, but Nordic characters are really not my thing. So it became pretty clear that I had to come up with an entirely different idea that did a better job of reflecting me, my preferences, and the character of my dreams.

I envisioned an adventurer from Dol Amroth, a character originating in the Tolkien universe: a woman from a good house, whose garments exhibit the typical characteristics associated with that kind of background. I set out to change the Burgschneider outfit completely in just one week—during the evenings, while I had some free time.

Since the foundation was already provided by Burgschneider and I could therefore skip the protracted sewing process, I had more time to focus on customizing the cut, individualizing the garb with various little details, and tailoring it to my purposes.

  • Shortening the coat’s sleeves.
  • Unstitching the coat’s side seams.
  • Attaching mid length sleeves.
  • Adding a new, high-necked collar to the tunic.
  • Attaching buttons, braids, and leather elements.
  • Transforming the leg wrappers into a cummerbund.
  • Creating leather bracers adorned with the distinct winged escutcheon of Gondor/Dol Amroth.

And here’s what the costume finally looks like:

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