Create the Look: Dwarven Warrior

Since time immemorial, dwarves have always been a fixture in the myths and sagas of any culture—no wonder that they have an inherent place in fantasy literature as well. For this project, Victoria May of ”Maykätzchen Costumes” used a set of Burgschneider’s garments to fashion an intriguing costume for a dwarven warrior.

Collar Alex: I shortened the collar to make room for my plate pauldrons while making sure to retain the basic square shape. After that, I used thick yarn to add some embroidery. Birka coat Siggi: I detached the sleeves so that the sleeves of the undertunic could still be seen (layered look). I also shortened the coat by a few inches, in order to visually compress the wearer’s appearance, before embroidering it with geometrical patterns and attaching a wide band made from woolen fabric to the lower seams. Pinafore dress Jodis: I shortened the dress a little bit as well and cut out a godet from the middle of the front so I can wear it under my chainmail, which precisely follows the hemline of the dress.

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What was changed?

Beard and cap: a beard, of course, is crucial for a dwarf. and the cap further defamiliarizes the head shape. The beard is from Maskworld, and I sewed the cap myself.

  • Plate pauldrons: By Thoradin Ambolt’s farriery on Facebook
  • Broad leather belt: By Luzys Pirate Leather (
  • Bracers: Bought at the Drachenfest, I don’t remember from whom.
  • Gloves: So the hands don’t fall off. I’ve owned these since I was a child.
  • Gaiters: By Runa-Rian (
  • Velvet coat with chain: Handmade coat, chain from a home improvement store, clasps by Burgschneider.

And here’s what the costume finally looks like:

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