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Sophie Pusch

My name is Sophie Pusch, but I am more commonly known as “Finarfel.” This is the name of my first elvish Live Action Role Play character as well as my Facebook page, on which I talk—as frequently as possible—about my work in progress and give advice about garb and decoration, as well as publish pictures of my garments and my LARP group “Eryn Galen.”

In 2013 I discovered my passion for tailoring and costume design. With some help from friends, I learned how to sew. Since then, I have been designing and crafting fantasy and medieval-themed garments, which is now taking up almost all my free time.

I am particularly intrigued by elvish garments inspired by the Lord of the Rings saga, but I am also constantly honing my skills and trying out new designs—and working creatively with my hands is a nice change of pace from my office job as well. I started tailoring simply because I always have a very clear vision about what I want my characters to look like, but since I could never find the right garments I decided to make them myself.

I can only tell you: be bold and just try it—that’s the only way to learn!

Contact me:
Instagram: sophie_elbentochter

Create the Look: Adelige-Kriegerin

Female warriors have always been beloved characters in history and fantasy, portrayed with a plethora of facets. For this project, Sophie Pusch of “Finarfel Tawarandís - Fanciful Costume Art” meticulously transformed a set of Burgschneider’s Viking garments into an outfit for a noble female warrior. With her creative mind, Sophie impressively proves how versatile historically based garments can be - even for fantasy costume-making. Patient handcrafting and great attention to detail show a huge effect on the final garment.

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