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Marc Krause

I attended my first Live Action Role Play event in 2001 and since then I have quite frequently participated in LARPing. I quickly began specializing in the display of magic. Especially when depicting a mage, you can create the illusion of being part of a “real” and living fantasy world, in which the magic from movies and books truly exists. You turn into a combination of stage magician and actor, and while the preparation for the effects requires a lot of time and effort, you’re creating a wonderfully mystical atmosphere for your fellow players.

Thanks to my second hobby—electrical engineering—I was soon able to devise concepts for how to advance the display of magic with the help of various contraptions, and make it easier and more intuitive for the spellcaster to handle. Effects like these need to be available at a moment’s notice and to blend seamlessly into the game without the need to search for a remote or a lighter to cast the desired spell. This is why I engineered staffs and swords that glow due to magnetic contacts, as well as talking chests and remote-controlled artifacts with smoke and light effects—with all of those tailored to the needs of LARPers: compact, transportable, sturdy, and intuitively operated.

This time, however, I chose to bring to life the role of a professional warrior: a knight. The advantage to depicting fighting characters is that I don’t have to prepare magical effects, and I can be more physically active, while a knight itself is more erudite by nature and embraces a certain code of honor—for which my experience playing scholars comes in handy.

My wife—with whom I run the LARP crafting pages and—took care of tailoring my garments.

Create the Look: Fantasy Knight

Knights have always been intriguing historical figures, so they appear in almost every kind of fantasy world. For this project, Marc Krause transformed a set of long tunics by Burgschneider into a compelling costume for a traveling knight.

For traveling and adventures good equipment is key - especially when you plan to travel through snowy mountains and rain. To be well prepared, the traveling knight got “Everard” (a thick woolen tunic) to keep the body warm, the woolen cloak with hood “Hibernus” to protect against rain, wind and snow and a woolen beret “Harald” with cotton cap “Bertram” to keep the head and ears warm.

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