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Judith Bergler

I have been attending LARPs in various genres since 2009—either as a maid from the High Middle Ages, a dark elf witch from the Warhammer Fantasy universe, or as a combat medic in the post apocalypse. Every one of these settings has its unique attraction and charm. The one character, that I have played the longest and in which I became the most invested is, however, “Enelya,” an elf inspired by Tolkien. I aspire to an immensely high standard in order to create a compelling embodiment for this character. Since it is next to impossible to find elaborate off-the-rack elf garments and to purchase them at a reasonable price I’d have to resort to having garb custom-tailored or fashioning it myself. Hence, I am extremely happy that Burgschneider produces clothing items that can be used as a foundation for garments for an elvish character.

For the photo shoot, they provided me with the long-sleeved, dark green dress Ranwen, the brown tunic, Laylin and the woolen tunic Meril. Every single piece can be customized, changed, and upgraded quite easily. I added scale sleeves to the tunic Laylin and cut out leatherette appliqués to be sewed on the lower ends of the tunic. Then I unstitched the frontal seam of the tunic Meril and sewed it up again in order to wear the tunic like a vest, before adorning it with leatherette appliqués as well. Complemented with a wide cloth belt and Elenya’s leather bracers, the three tunics transformed into a unique costume.

And what can I say? I finally have equipment for “Elenya” that’s suitable for the winter! The wool and linen keep me wonderfully warm and protect against even icy winds and snowfall—like on the day of the photo shoot. I do, however, recommend wearing gloves in such weather! ;)

Next, I plan to try out these garments in the saddle to see whether they are suitable for horseback riding—for a passionate rider, who takes her horses to a convention from time to time, this, too, is an important criterion.

Create the Look: Wood Elf

Elves have always been intriguing characters in all kinds of fantasy stories, so it is not surprising to see them being portrayed time and again. For this project, Judith Bergler set out to create a compelling costume for a wood elf warrior, using a set of tunics by Burgschneider. As the wardens of the deepest forest, woodelves have only rare contact with snowy mountains and icy winds - nevertheless, they need appropriate clothing for all their adventures.

For this trip to the Alps we use undergarment “Ranwen” with long sleeves and a high collar. Although it looks like a dress Ranwen is shorter and has a front slit for improved agility while running or climbing. The combination of “Ranwen” with tunic “Laylin” as a middle-layer and woolen tunic “Meril” as an over tunic results in an elvish layer-look. Especially the leaf-shaped design of the sleeves and seams give the whole outfit a more nature-inspired organic look...

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